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Eight: Cheers to the Chase

Amidst a world driven by unyielding dedication, we raise our glasses to the early risers, the relentless souls who seize each moment as an opportunity to excel. These individuals, the embodiment of commitment, are the heartbeat of our ethos. Be it the sports arena, the gym, the kitchen, or the office, compromise is never an option for those who chase greatness. And now, we proudly introduce Eight Beer – a tribute to this unshakeable spirit.


Eight Beer, a fusion of dedication and delectability, stands as a revelation for those who seek both taste and commitment. With a mere 2.8 carbs and only 90 calories, this masterpiece, born from organic grains, salutes your journey of excellence. We firmly believe that the hard work you invest should be celebrated, never compromised, when you savor life's most cherished moments.


Behind the visionary lens of photographer JJ Miller, Eight Beer's essence breathes life, immortalized in a comprehensive asset library. This collection springs to life on billboards, in-store displays, magazine features, and web promotions throughout 2023. JJ Miller's artistry is the soul that weaves Eight Beer's story, infusing it with a visual allure that transcends mere refreshment.

Join us in this celebration, a tribute to those who reject mediocrity and embrace the extraordinary. With Eight Beer, you can elevate your experience without compromising your hard-earned strides towards success. Let's raise our glasses to you – to your relentless pursuit of excellence and your vibrant approach to life.

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