The potential of this campaign comes down to location. Allocating travel budget to production will in the end produce a more epic piece. To create a high-tech and futuristic style, this would typically be shot in studio, not on field during the day. The ability to control lighting and effects in studio help in accomplishing this look and feel. 


The focus will be on the modern technology used to not only make this product, but what the glove can do in action. By projecting glove-molding footage in addition to different pattern options onto the glove, will add an interesting visual component that will capture the viewer’s eye.  


Using a projector and gel lighting on a white turf infield, we can manipulate the color of the ad to reflect Lindor’s glove design.   


We will show match-cuts of Lindor’s glove design with the glove that the consumer can purchase in-store. We will finish on a 360 shot of the glove. As it spins around, it will flash different player options of all four models.