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A Look at the Warrior Warp Campaign

by Alex Santangelo

In February, Warrior Lacrosse unveiled their newest innovation, the Warp, a head with a novel design featuring a prestrung pocket that is meant to retain its shape and quality regardless of the conditions that you are using it in. As a lacrosse design company focused on a team’s efforts to build their own brand, we wished to take a look into examples of truly effective lacrosse marketing and those individuals who are setting the bar in the space.

When viewing the Warp as a lacrosse traditionalist, some clear questions come to mind. What level of customizability exists? How does this head perform compared to a classically strung head? Will this technology truly be adopted and embraced by the lacrosse elite?

What the Warp campaign did so effectively, and is evidenced in the above video, is that it directly addressed the questions that many have in a striking and frankly, compelling way. The viewer is taken through a journey, previewing the head itself in gorgeous detail, but with a level of simplicity that allows one to truly experience the technology. A voiceover intensely proclaims the strengths of the product, unabashedly proclaiming the overwhelming benefit of transitioning from traditional stringing to this novel tech.

The ad then makes its transition, as the viewer is delivered to flashes of Major League Lacrosse stars illustrating the superior performance of this innovation. While the head may look different, the Warp campaign endeavors to illustrate how it will still deliver results, with the lacrosse elite showcasing their own willingness to adopt it, with the potential to surpass the traditional.

The campaign itself centers around a more minimalist design, the focus remaining around the beauty of the new technology, truly showcasing what Warrior has to offer. The starkness of the backdrop, coupled with simplicity in the players’ apparel serves to maintain a focus on the head. This starkness is brought to life by the head itself, and the overlay of intense music, voiceovers, and the Warp brand colors flashing throughout.

In a word, the Warp campaign can be defined as gamechanging.

And this is no surprise, as the creative team showcased some of Boston’s best minds in production .

The team combined the remarkable production talent encompassed in Fair Folk and JJ Miller Productions, both Boston-based businesses with noteworthy portfolios.

JJ Miller Productions is a leading advertisement producer and director. The company’s namesake, JJ Miller, has built a reputation in photography and film, with a portfolio that includes some of the biggest names in athletics, including Reebok, Evo Shield and some of America’s most renowned athletes.

Fair Folk is a creative shop focused on producing exceptional content for its clients, with services including campaign strategy and video production. Fair Folk’s founders, Jon Casey and Kevin Cimo, have created extraordinary content for massive brands such as Cadillac, Dunkin Donuts, and Trillium Brewing Co.

With a collaborative team of leaders in production, it is no surprise that the Warrior Warp campaign is a success. As a former lacrosse player and current fan, I look forward to sustained growth for this innovation and am excited to see what the future holds for this creative team.

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