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Peerspace - The 10 Best Lifestyle Photographers in Boston

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

These days, great photography is absolutely necessary for a company to succeed. Establishing brand identity and curating an engaging social media presence — whether you’re a one-person business or major corporation — is central to any good marketing strategy. To get the most out of these efforts, you’ll need a great photographer — someone who understands how to balance your marketing goals with the presence of genuine emotion and experience in images. The photographers on our list have tons of experience working with companies of all sizes, and each is well-equipped to bring your creative vision to life. That said, take a look at the most talented Boston lifestyle photographers.

JJ’s lifestyle work is almost entirely focused on sports — and with good reason: he is an accomplished athlete himself. His passion for both photography and athletics drives him to always seek out challenges and deliver impressive results for his clients, like Reebok, New Balance, and ASICS. To best capture the spirit of these brands, JJ use dramatic lighting to create high-contrast, intense images. His images capture the focus on his subjects and are enhanced by his precision with his camera. For athletic branding, there’s no better photographer to work with.

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